Changes in Civil Pretrials Procedures for Clermont County Municipal Court


In the past, the Municipal Court has managed its civil docket through a series of informal pretrials.  Effective December 1, 2019, all parties to a civil case shall appear by telephone for single informal pretrial conference set by the Clerk of Courts.  At that pretrial the court will establish a schedule for conducting discovery and the filing of motions.  The court will automatically set a hearing date for all motions approximately 150 days after the informal pretrial and set the matter for a formal, in person, pretrial within approximately 180 days.  The formal pretrial conference will be used to set the matter for trial if it has not already been settled or disposed of by motion.  Once the schedule is established, continuances will only be granted by motion with a showing of good cause.  In addition, the court may, sua sponte or by motion from any party, schedule additional conferences or hearings.  Pursuant to Loc. R. 31A, a plaintiff’s failure to appear at either the informal or formal pretrial will result in the action being dismissed without prejudice.  However, a failure to file a motion or appear at the motion hearing will NOT result in a dismissal.