Our Board and Staff


  •  The Law Library Resources Board

Ohio Revised Code §307.51, effective in 2009, created a County Law Library Resources Board (“CLLRB”) in every Ohio County. Each CLLRB has 5 board members and 2 major responsibilities: to provide legal research, reference, and library services to the county and to the municipal corporations, townships, and courts within the county and to manage the coordination, acquisition, and utilization of legal resources.


  • Our Board Members

  • Gary Ostendarp – Chairman
  • Marshall McCachran
  • David McCune
  • Richard P. Schuler
  • Terrell Snyder


  • Meetings

Clermont County Law Library Resources Board Meetings are scheduled four times a year, quarterly as required by law and determined by the Chairperson or at any other time as determined by a majority of the Board. Meetings are held at 8 a.m. in the Law Library Conference Room unless otherwise noted.

2024 Board Meetings

Tuesday, March 5th
Tuesday, June 6th
Tuesday, October 8th
Tuesday, December 3rd


  •  The Library Staff

The staff at the Clermont County Law Library is dedicated to providing a high level of service to all members of the community including the courts, members of the local bar association and the public.

Kim Crowthers, Director
Debbie Smith, Assistant

Regina Eubanks, Library Clerk