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“The object of the library is to bring together human beings and recorded knowledge in as fruitful relationship as is humanly possible” – Jesse Shera

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2023 Ohio Capital Crimes Report

Under Ohio Revised code Section 109.97, the Attorney General's Office produces a report each year detailing the case status of individuals sentenced to death since October 19, 1981. The 2023 Capital Crimes Report was compiled by the Ohio Attorney General's team, using...

CCLLRB set Meetings for 2024

Clermont County Law Library Resources Board Meetings are scheduled four times a year, quarterly as required by law and determined by the Chairperson or at any other time as determined by a majority of the Board. Meetings are held at 8 a.m. in the Law Library...

Effective March 11th, 2022 :

  • The Court continues to encourage employees and anyone entering the courthouse to be respectful of the personal space of others and exercise proper hygiene.
  • Anyone with a temperature above 100.4 will not be permitted to enter the courthouse.
  • Each Judge retains discretion to impose specific requirements.   While facial coverings are no longer REQUIRED, they are encouraged if circumstances dictate.