The Clermont County Law Library Resources Board (CCLLRB) is authorized by the Ohio Secretary of State as an education and testing provider for applicants seeking to become a notary public for the State of Ohio (Non-Attorneys MUST BE A RESIDENT OF OHIO.)  The CCLLRB provides a  two part education course and conducts examinations onsite typically twice a month for new applicants.  For notaries public seeking to renew a commission, a review course will also be offered onsite typically twice a month.   Education and testing must be scheduled in advance as space may be limited. 

 A Guidebook for Notaries Public is available and provided to new applicants.   It is our hope that this guidebook may be of some assistance to notaries public by defining and explaining, in some measure, the powers and duties, and also the penalties for misfeasance associated with this public office.    It does not, nor is it intended to cover all of the aspects of its subject matter, it is merely to serve as a guide.

Every notary public should carefully read and critically examine all of the statutes of the Ohio Revised Code pertaining to notaries, as well as have a clear and comprehensive understanding of their basic functions. If a situation arises where a notary is doubtful, the notary should seek the advice of competent counsel before attempting any official act.

Notary Education Course Fees Set by the Ohio Secretary of State

  • New Notary Education Course (non-attorney) – $130.00
  • Renewal Notary Education Course – $45.00
  • New Notary Education Course (attorney) – $75.00