All persons who desire to obtain a Notary Public Commission in the State of Ohio must make application and take and pass a written examination pursuant to the practice in the county in which they reside. New applicants must be at least 18 years of age and have no convictions of a criminal nature. This will be verified. If refused a partial refund will be given.

  • Fill out the application in full, including references
  • Have your signature notarized
  • Print the information as indicated on the appointment sheet
  • Complete the background authorization in full
  • There is a $5 fine when the forms are submitted incompletely or incorrectly.

When the application is returned, you will be sent a manual to study and a postcard with the date and time of the next schedule exam. Please respond if you plan to attend. If you are unable to make the first exam, you will be notified of the next date. If the second date is missed, it will be necessary to re-apply, including another $50.00 fee. If you fail the test you may reapply for the next but it does require another $50 fee. No special or private examinations are given without prior approval of the Committee. A statement of good and sufficient cause why this is necessary, may be attached to the application. There are ten questions on the exam, taken from the study manual. You ARE NOT permitted to refer to the manual during the exam. Answers must be written out (no true or false or multiple choice). You must have 70% correct to pass. Bring your own pen or pencil. FEE: $50.00 (includes $15.00 fee to the Secretary of State) Return all applications and make checks payable to: Judges’ Notary Committee c/o Law Library 270 E. Main Street, Rm A201, Batavia, Ohio 45103 (513) 732-7359

Application for the Office of Notary Public

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