Municipal Court: Effective Monday, May 11, the Clermont County Municipal Court shall be open for normal business, subject to the following restrictions:
(1) Public access to the Clermont County Municipal Courthouse shall be limited to parties to cases (Plaintiffs, the State of Ohio, and Defendants), attorneys, alleged victims, subpoenaed witnesses in criminal cases, witnesses in civil cases, media, police officers, people on reporting probation, mail carriers, and supply deliverers.
(2) The Court will conduct arraignments, bond hearings, pre-trials, plea or trial settings, and all contested matters, with the exception of jury trials. The Court will reset, at its discretion, and to a date certain, all matters currently set for jury trial. The Court will conduct civil evictions, garnishments, replevins, and consider requests for driving privileges. The Court will continue all other civil matters, in its discretion, to a date certain.
(3) Courtroom access shall be limited to no more than ten (10) people at a time, or a number set by the Court, in its discretion.
(4) All members of the public must maintain six feet of separation between themselves and others unless contact between court staff and the public is necessary for court operations. The Court will determine when contact is necessary.
(5) It is strongly recommended that any person entering the courthouse wear a facial covering, which covers the wearer’s nose and mouth. The Court will not provide masks to the public. Every person entering the courthouse must bring his or her own mask to the courthouse.
(6) Any person entering the courthouse must submit to his or her temperature being taken by the Clermont County Sheriff or someone designated by the Court.
(7) The Court has the authority to deny access to the courthouse or remove from the courthouse anyone who fails to abide by the terms of this order.
The Court will vacate or amend this General Order no later than June 1, 2020