To renew your Notary Public Commission, you must be a Clermont County resident and having no convictions of a criminal nature. This information will be verified before approval by the Judges’ Notary Committee. If refused a partial refund will be given. If more than 30 days elapses after your commission expires before requesting or returning a renewal application, you must re-take the test. Do not notarize any documents after your present commission has expired.

PLEASE TAKE SPECIAL NOTE :  Senate Bill 263 took effect on March 20, 2019 giving the Secretary of State the authority to draft administrative rules and to implement a new notary process which will take effect in Ohio on September 20, 2019.  

This Notary Committee will be unable to process renewal applications under the currently accepted rules after August 31st, 2019.   You may however renew 90 days in advance of your expiration date.   IF your commission expires on or before November 29th, 2019 you may wish to renew early.   No renewal applications will be accepted after August 31st, 2019.  

  1. Application:
    Please fill-out completely.
    There is a $5 fine for submitting an incomplete or incorrect application.
    Have your signature notarized.
    Include your expiration date on top of application.
  2. Secretary of State form:
    Print the information as indicated.
    WRITE your signature as you wish your name to be read on your commission.
    Do not type.
    Do not sign only initials as your first name.
  3.  Background Authorization:
    Fill-out and sign.

The application will be signed by a Judge of the Common Pleas Court and forwarded to the Notary Commission Clerk in Columbus. You will receive your new commission in the mail from the Secretary of State.  You must bring your new commission to the Clerk of Courts office to have it recorded and to be sworn in.   There is a fee of $5 (cash) for this service. Your renewal is for the entire state of Ohio for five (5) years.

FEE: Renewal application $50.00 (includes $15.00 fee to Secretary of State)

Return your application (all forms) and make check payable to:
Judges’ Notary Committee
c/o Law Library
270 E. Main Street, Rm A201
Batavia, Ohio 45103
(513) 732-7359









Renewal Application for Notary Public











This file is in PDF format and can be viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader. To download Adobe Acrobat Reader click on the icon. For more information or assistance in completing the form, please contact us.